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Dr. Maxi Goossens

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Are You Looking For An Online Science Tutor Or Maths Tutor?

I am an experienced online Maths and Science tutor with a PhD in Physics and Astronomy. All of my tutoring sessions are tailored to the individual student's learning style and take into account the relevant exam board specifications. I offer a range of different educational services.

Online Science Tutoring

Tailored approach without the travel time. Expert tuition, wherever you are.


Online Science tutoring involving Chemistry and Biology up to A-level or equivalent and Physics at all levels.

Online school

I offer online Science, Maths and Coding lessons taking into account specific interests.

Python for Scientists

Using Python for Mathematics, Statistics as well as analysing and presenting data.


Maths and Further Maths up to A-level or equivalent.

Exam technique

I support students in developing a specific exam strategy resulting in a more confident approach.

Maths Competitons

I support students who want to improve their University application by taking part in Maths competitions.


I offer revision courses before exams and topic courses throughout the year.

Educational Services on Offer

As a Maths and Science tutor, I offer Maths and Physics tutoring at all levels, online Science tutoring for Chemistry and Biology up to A-level as well as Python tutoring, where I specifically support students with Python for scientists. I also offer homeschooling lessons in Science subjects and Maths, exam preparation courses, support with Maths competitions, personal project development and weekly study groups.

Just a few reasons why you might benefit from online Maths and Science tutoring:


    You are looking to improve your academic confidence and grades



     You are planning on taking part in a competition and want to give yourself an edge over fellow competitors



    You want to apply to Oxford, Cambridge or a different G5 or Russel group University and want to make sure you stand out


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